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Suspicious Minds is a single-screen 2D shooter in which the player can't move, only aim and shoot from a top-down view, and he needs to identify and kill the enemies while restraining from murdering any innocents. It's a psychological thriller about a delusional man.

**NOTE: This game is still under development, what is shown here is just a prototype**

-Outstanding levels of tension.
-Extreme difficulty.
-Crisp low-resolution pixel art graphics with great mood.
-Creepy music and immersive sound effects with powerful gunshots to make the player really feel the power of their pistol.
-Quick flow with no obtrusive tutorials. Start the game, play and replay.

Install instructions

Open the executable file and play. And please follow us on twitter and tell us your opinion about the game!



Latest Prototype (zip) 4 MB


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Is it possible to make this for Mac? looks amazing

We are sorry, this project is currently on hold. Maybe in the future well make a mac version.